The teen behind the 'Kroacky Klown' threats could face real criminal charges

Some kids are behind two of the many "terrifying clown" sightings and rumors that have invaded Minnesota recently.

We've got answers to two of the many "terrifying clown" sightings and rumors that have invaded Minnesota recently.

First, and maybe the most serious: A Facebook account titled "Kroacky Klown" that made threats against a number of Twin Cities communities.

Here's a screengrab from the now-deleted account containing the broad threat.

Police were alerted Tuesday night, and Wednesday the Hopkins Police Department put out an update.

Kroacky, it turns out, was a 15-year-old girl who was trying to scare her boyfriend, police said. She used her younger sister's phone to create the Kroacky Facebook account – and then things got out of control when it started to go viral, according to the department.

She is from Bloomington and doesn't have any ties to Hopkins, police said. She could face criminal charges, as police note they are investigating.

"Parents need to take some time and remind their children about the consequences of inappropriate behavior on social media, which may become criminal in nature," the police department's update said.

'Bobo the Friendly Clown'

Then there's the case of Bobo in Farmington, the "friendly clown" who had been spotted in a park and said he planned to drop in on a couple schools at lunch time.

The "very upset" parent of the child behind Bobo called the Farmington Police Department and outed the charade, according to a police news release.

"There was no malicious intent, there was no ill will; it was merely an attempt to scare their best friend," Chief of Police Brian Lundquist wrote, before offering some words of advice.

"I’ve decided to simply ask you, the viewers and posters, to take two seconds before you hit the send key. You know the questions you should be asking yourself; I don’t need to spell them out.

We are done with Bobo the Clown. He doesn’t exist.

Stay safe and be kind to your neighbors."

Other recent clown incidents

At least two other Minnesota communities faced scary clown situations recently, including a Snapchat in Shakopee showing a clown chase a car, and fake school lock downs in Anoka County. You can read more about those here.

Wayzata Public Schools had to comment Wednesday as well, saying they're in communication with law enforcement about the clown rumors, but they're all thought to be hoaxes, said.

Then there was that terrifying Gags the Green Bay Clown from August – which ended up being for a movie, but still, that thing was creepy.

Time magazine says scary clown sightings have been reported in more than two dozen states since starting in South Carolina with a report at the end of August that said someone dressed as a clown was trying to lure children into the woods.

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