The Tip Jar: Now is the cheapest time of the year to buy a TV

Retailers slash prices in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

Black Friday gets all the headlines, but if you're looking for the best deal on a new television the best time to buy is in weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

Coming as a rather unwelcome surprise to me – someone who actually bought a new TV on Black Friday – now is around about the time that stores start pushing out their 2016 TVs ahead of the newest models arriving in March, according to USA Today.

This, combined with a sudden desire among fans to get a better experience for the biggest sporting event of the year, is seeing stores offering discounts that are better than some of the offers seen on Black Friday.

According to, of the 100 million-plus Americans watching the Super Bowl this weekend, 7 million are expected to be watching on new TVs.

Now if, like me, you bought a TV in last year's sales and have missed the return period, suck it up and make a note for next time. But for those who had planned on adding a new set to their home and have a bit of spare cash, now's a good time to look.

ConsumerReports says the average discount on TVs in Super Bowl week is 21 percent (actually, at 23 percent, two weeks before Super Bowl is the best time to buy).

The deals

Firstly, bear in mind for some of these deals, retailers have ways of making you think the discounts are better value than they are by posting inflated "list prices."

Take a look at this TV deal from Walmart, for example, offering Samsung 50-inch 5200 series Smart HD LED TV for $379.99, which it says is a discount of more than $800 on its list price of $1,199.99.

Samsung itself has that model on sale for $399.99 with a list price of $899.99, while Kmart has a 5200 model with "regular price" of $549.99, which makes Walmart's discount look less impressive than it first appears.

There are more believable deals out there though, including from Walmart, which is offering a $600 discount on a 60-inch Samsung, this one a 4K Ultra-HD model that is on sale for $597.99.

For those looking for a higher-quality TV, P.C. Richard & Son is offering a 65-inch Sony Ultra-Slim 4K HD for $1,799.91, an apparent $1,000 discount.

Amazon meanwhile has a 65-inch Samsung 4K SUHD TV for just under $1,500, down from $2,800, while Best Buy has slashed $500 off the price of an LG 65-inch 4K TV, which is now $799.99. has gone through all the major retailers and has listed the best pre-Super Bowl TV deals that match or beat Black Friday prices, which you can find here.

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