The Tip Jar: The best Pi Day discounts on pizzas, pies and gadgets

There are plenty of 3.14 related discounts and deals out there on 3/14.

It's March 14, or 3/14, meaning it's the day everyone becomes a math know-it-all by talking about Pi – the numerical value that starts 3.14.

It also means a whole lot of Pi-related deals being offered by retailers including tech firms, pizza joints and pie-makers. GoMN's Tip Jar has picked out what you can grab a slice of today.


Whole Foods: For those of you (ie. most people) who can't afford to be regular Whole Foods shoppers, you can get a few deals today. They are taking $3.14 off the cost of its take-and-bake pizzas.

This offer excludes small pizzas, flatbreads, half pies and pizzas baked in-house.

Pizza Luce: The popular Twin Cities pizza chain is offering "pi"nts of beer and slices of "pi"zza for $3.14 plus tax, it said on Facebook.

Pieology: The national chain, which has locations in St. Paul and Maple Grove, is offering $3.14 custom pizzas to "Pie Life" members at participating locations (so call to check before you go).

Papa John’s: It's offering a two-topping large or pan pizza pie for $9.99 (though PJ's has so many ongoing offers it's hard to tell how different this is from the norm).


Baker's Square: Not a deal as such, but every double crust pie sold today will have a Pi symbol on it, which is pretty cool up to the point you eat it.

Whole Foods: You know the $3.14 discount on pizzas? Yes, it also applies to large bakery pies.

Lunds and Byerly's: Or should that be Lunds and Pi-erly's (sorry). The grocery store is offering pie slices for $3.14 and is discounting $3.14 off the price of its whole pies and $1.57 (so, half-pi) off the price of its – wait for it – half pies.

Kowalski's:If you strain your eyes looking at this Facebook post, it looks like the grocery chain has knocked $1 off the price of its half-pies today.

Sara's Tipsy Pies:The Stillwater bakery has a limited number of booze-filled, Pi-emblazoned pies available if you call ahead.

Cub Foods: Cub has also jumped on the bandwagon with a $3.14 discount on its bakery pies.

Gadgets and goods

Microsoft: The tech giant is offering an array of Pi Day-related discounts on laptops and gadgets. The highlight of the sale is a Lenovo Z-50 Signature Edition Laptop that is being offered for $314 – down from $599.99.

More expensive laptops made by Dell and HP computers have been cut by 31.4 percent, while an Alienware computer has been slashed by $1,100.

The Life of Pi: If you haven't read the acclaimed book by Yann Martell, you can get it for 95 percent off with – that's just 75 cents!

ThinkGeek: The clothing, gaming and toy retailer is offering a free Pi Day t-shirt when you buy $31.41 worth of items using the coupon code PIOUS.

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