The topics for the final presidential debate have been revealed

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will have six topics to sink their teeth into at the final presidential debate on Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will have six topics to sink their teeth into at the final presidential debate on Wednesday.

The topics were confirmed by the Commission on Presidential Debates Wednesday, and were selected by FOX News' Chris Morris, who will be the moderator the third debate.

He will ask the candidates about the following subjects (bear in mind they are subject to change depending on news developments).

Debt and entitlements

The subject is broad and cover several policy areas, but you can read about Hillary Clinton's tax plans here and reference to the national debt here. Her policy page also covers disability rights, student debt, social security, veterans, and mental health.

Donald Trump more specifically addresses the national debt in this video, which he says he would address via his tax plan, more on that can be found here. His positions page also covers veterans affairs and childcare.


Donald Trump has courted most of the headlines on this subject, after suggesting he would implement a temporary ban on muslims entering the U.S., not to mention his desire to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. More on his plans here.

Clinton's immigration reform would offer aliens a pathway to citizenship and calls for the enforcement of immigration laws "humanely." You can read more on her policy here.


This could cover similar ground to the debt and entitlement topic, though is more likely to feature jobs.

You can read more on the job policies of Clinton, who has called for boosting more good-paying jobs, right here, and more on her economic plans here.

Trump plans to boost jobs through cutting taxes and regulations, as well as his trade policies, which you can read more on here, and speaks more on jobs in this video. His economic plan is here.

Supreme Court

Both candidates got the chance to refer to this during the second presidential debate.

Trump expressed a desire to fill the vacant place on the Supreme Court with a conservative justice in the mold of the late Antonin Scalia.

Clinton has been a bit more guarded about her SCOTUS choices, but wants a justice who upholds abortion and equality laws. She also criticized Congress for blocking attempts by President Barack Obama to appoint a new justice shortly after Scalia's death.

Foreign hot spots

This is another issue that has been covered at considerable length at the previous debates, and more discussion can be expected particularly on the Middle East, but could Ukraine/Crimea come up as well?

Here is Clinton's national security policy proposal, and her views on military and defense spending.

Trump has his own military spending plans, which you can see here, and goes into foreign policy and "defeating ISIS" here.

Fitness to be president

Likely to be the closing subject as each candidate gets the chance to make their final pitch to viewers.

Trump has a video called "competent leadership" where he details the qualities and experience he believes he has for the White House.

You can read more about Clinton's desire to become president and her qualifications in the "about" section of her website.

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