The Twin Cities just had the latest freeze since 1900

We went a long time without hitting freezing temperatures.

Temperatures finally dipped down to 32 degrees at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Friday night, which officially ends the growing season and breaks our warm weather streak.

Earlier this month, the Twin Cities passed the record for latest freeze, which was set Nov. 7, 1900.

Although the mercury in some Twin Cities communities dropped below freezing this fall, the airport is the official marker. So the new record for the latest freeze in Twin Cities' history is Nov. 18, 2016.

This year was also our longest growing season on record at 220 consecutive days, according to The National Weather Service. The previous record was 207 days, set in 1894 and 1900.

And just like that, it's winter

Along with the freeze, blizzard conditions hit the state Friday, making a mess of the roads and even knocking down power lines. Some areas got more than two feet of snow.

Now the NWS says it will be cold and dry in the cities this weekend, but another storm is coming next week.

According to the forecast, there's potential for "significant accumulations of snow," through Wednesday, especially in central Minnesota. And temperatures are expected to be "near or slightly above freezing at the surface."

But people traveling for the holiday next week may see some relief – the NWS says the snow is expected to clear up for Thanksgiving Day.

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