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The Twin Cities ... top 10 vacation destination?


The Twin Cities often fare well in the constant cascade of rankings that list the best U.S. cities to call home.

But a vacation hotspot? Yep, says Lonely Planet, which released a new ranking that puts the Twin Cities in the top 10 for 2013.

Lonely Planet notes that the Twin Cities are routinely among the best cities for biking. It also highlights the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail along the Mississippi River, Uptown’s Bryant-Lake Bowl, and the music scene, with its "epicenter" – First Avenue & 7th St Entry.

Lonely Planet gives St. Paul lesser props. It's "quieter, but key to see."

The Lonely Planet top 10:

1. Louisville, Ky.
2. Fairbanks, Alaska
3. San Juan Islands, Wa.
4. Philadelphia
5. American Samoa
6. Eastern Sierra, Calif.
7. Northern Maine
8. Twin Cities
9. Verde Valley, Ariz.
10. Glacier National Park, Mont.

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