The votes are in; Minnesota egg company hopes Super Bowl ad will hatch


Owners of a northern Minnesota company may be walking on eggshells for the next several weeks, as they await word on whether their bid for an ad during the Super Bowl is a winner.

Locally Laid Egg Co. is one of four small businesses that are finalists in the Small Business Big Game contest organized by software maker Intuit. Locally Laid owners Jason and Lucie Amundsen sell eggs from their free-range hens to customers within a 400-mile radius of their farm near Wrenshall in Carlton County

Online voting for a winner in the contest ended on Sunday but the Duluth News Tribune reports there's no word from Intuit on when the results will be announced. The paper expects the company to let the suspense build until the days before the Feb. 2 kickoff.

The other finalists are Barley Labs, a company that recycles grain from breweries into dog treats; Dairy Poop, which turns manure into fertilizer; and GoldieBlox, which designs toys meant to get girls interested in science and engineering. There's more background on each company at the Small Business Big Game website.

GoldieBlox gained some extra publicity in the news media recently. The News Tribune recounts the company's legal dispute with the Beastie Boys. The hip hop group complained after GoldieBlox used one of their songs in a promotional video. GoldieBlox responded by filing a pre-emptive lawsuit against the Beastie Boys.

Jason Amundsen of Locally Laid says he's not too concerned about the additional mentions GoldieBlox has been getting in the media, telling the News Tribune: “This isn’t a publicity contest. It’s a voting contest.”

The stakes are high. Super Bowl advertising has long been confined to the heavy hitters of American commerce. Intuit claims its winner will be the first small business to advertise during the game.

USA Today recently looked at what's in it for Intuit as the sponsor of the contest. The story notes an estimate from Ad Age put the cost of a 30-second commercial during last year's Super Bowl in the range of $3.75 million.

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