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The Weeknd's "False Alarm" video is kinda brutal

Grand Theft Auto fans, take note.

The parental advisory warning at the beginning of the Weeknd's new "False Alarm" video should not be taken lightly. At five minutes long, it is essentially a short film jam-packed with thrilling, violent content.

The premise of the video is a first-hand view of a bank heist and high-speed chase, all with a pretty, doe-eyed hostage that is dragged along the whole course of the crime.

The Grand Theft Auto vibes are heavy with this visual, which is directed by Ilya Naishuller.

Just like his video for his other latest single, "Starboy,"we are teased with the death of the Weeknd. Philosophers also known as the comment section of YouTube are determined to figure what exactly this could symbolize.

Luckily all our unanswered questions will be solved when The Weeknd's third album, Starboy, is released on November 25.

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