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The Week's Top Business Headlines


From the editors at Twin Cities Business:

Thrivent Embroiled In Legal Battle With State Of California

Thrivent says California’s Controller is requesting too much personal information about Thrivent members; the Controller counters that he’s entitled to the records for auditing purposes.

Target Closes Four Stores, Cites Financial Performance

The retailer is closing locations in Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and California based on an analysis of their specific financial performances.

Local Marketing Agencies Experiment With Google Glass

Space150 and Preston Kelly are among the Twin Cities firms that got an early peek at the new technology and are exploring how it may translate into client offerings.

3M Sues 2 European Companies Over Patents

3M is suing two dental businesses for allegedly infringing on the company’s ceramic-based dental technology.

Will Health Care Reform Deter M&A Activity?

Could the Affordable Care Act lead to a decline of mergers and acquisitions in Minnesota or just a more complex vetting process?

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