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The Week's Top Business Stories


Here are the week's top business stories from the Editors of Twin Cities Business:

3M Leads Market Surge With Strong Q3 Report

On year’s biggest earnings report day, the company’s good news fueled the largest Dow Jones gains.

 Mall Of America’s Expansion Getting Lots Of Attention

The development has garnered interest from many potential tenants as a buoying economy spurs new commercial real estate development and low vacancy rates.

 Olson Purchased By D.C. Tech Consulting Firm

The non-traditional buyer is likely to market Olson’s consumer data to its clients.

Medical Startups Raise $300 Million So Far in 2014

LifeScience Alley sees a strong year for Minnesota startups

Arctic Cat Sues Company That Previously Filed Infringement Suit Against It

It says Bombardier Recreational Products and BPR U.S. Inc., used technology it patented in 2000.

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