The week’s top business stories from Twin Cities Business

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Here are the week’s top business stories from the Editors of Twin Cities Business.

Are Minnesota Retailers Prepared For Chip-Enabled Cards?

Three-quarters of merchant behind when it comes to taking chip card payments.

Beez Kneez Keeps Biz Buzzing

Kristy Lynn Allen, owner of Beez Kneez, quickly realized that her business’ survival would rely on more than just selling honey.

Q&A: Matt Ronge, CEO Of MN Cup Winner Astro HQ

A company shaking up the design world at a fraction of competitors’ costs.

FAA Allege Sun Country Violated Drug Testing Protocol, Faces $115K Penalty

A dozen Sun Country employees were allegedly not drug tested after being hired or transferred, per FAA requirements.

Dayton Declares It “Small Business Day” In Minnesota

The celebration coincides with the premiere of a documentary that follows small businesses throughout the country, including in Minnesota.

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