The week’s top business stories from Twin Cities Business

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Here are this week’s top business stories from the Editors of Twin Cities:

Companies To Watch In 2016: The Tile Shop

Brick-and-mortar locations have been opening and the company could see earnings growth of up to 50 percent.

General Mills Sales Fall, 2016 Outlook Lowered

The sale of Green Giant and a soft domestic market bit into the company’s bottom line.

Congress Will Vote To Lift Obamacare Medical Device Tax

Some call the tax a burden for Minnesota’s medical device industry with a quarter of all collections paid for by companies within the state.

3M Drops Full-Year Earnings Forecast Again, Evokes High Hopes For 2016

The company’s 2015 full-year forecast becomes bleaker, but it believes that strategies that is is implementing now will pay off next year and beyond.

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