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The Wild are tapping local bands for a new theme song

They've already got the "State of Hockey" anthem and "Let's Go Crazy."

Apparently not satisfied with having just two officials songs in the "State of Hockey" anthem and Prince's "Let's Go Crazy," the Minnesota Wild are tapping a local talent for a new theme song.

Musician Haley Bonar posted this on Instagram Monday:

She also hashtagged her band Gramma's Boyfriend in the post, and bandmate Jeremy Ylvisaker posted a photo of them on Instagram with the caption, "The Gramma makin hockey music."

So keep your eyes and ears open for that.

According to Gramma's Boyfriend bassist Mark Erickson, the Wild commissioned versions of the Wild Anthem to help raise funds for Children's Hospital. Several other local artists also reportedly participated, and a press release with details should be coming soon.

GoMN asked about the recording of the track, and if any band members had a hockey hair past.

"Bryan Hanna and Eric Olsen recorded [Gramma's Boyfriend's version] at NoWare studio in Downtown Minneapolis," Erickson said. "As far as the hockey hair thing goes... There was a brief period in American history when the coolest true rock 'n' roll coifs were essentially the same shape and texture as hockey hair so... yes?"

Bonar was born in Canada and raised in South Dakota, but now calls St. Paul home. Her most recent album is Impossible Dream (here's the Spotify link) and she's about to go on tour in the UK, Netherlands and Ireland.

But what connections does she have to hockey? Turns out, plenty.

"My grandfather Dunc McCallum played for the Pittsburgh Penguins, my uncle played for L.A. Kings," Bonar told GoMN. "My dad started the minor league hockey team in Rapid City, South Dakota."

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