"There once was a town full of drunkards..." What rhymes with eleventh?


A new analysis of alcohol consumption puts the Twin Cities on the list of America's drunkest cities.

The Daily Beast looked at the average number of drinks per person per month, along with the proportion of heavy drinkers and binge drinkers. City Pages, though, has a more user-friendly breakdown of the rankings. The Twin Cities ranked 11th on the list. Fargo was 20th and Boston came in as the hardest-drinking town in America.

Among Twin Citians, the monthly average number of drinks per adult respondent came in a little under 14. Eighteen percent were considered binge drinkers and four percent heavy drinkers.

Here's the Daily Beast page, which uses photos of skylines to identify the cities.

If most of your 14 drinks per month are beers, here's an interactive map to alert you to any local watering holes you may have missed.

If you're more of a wine sipper, here are 10 suggested wine bars.

But perhaps you're ready to help the Twin Cities sink further down an ignominious list. There are plenty of places to get help if you want to stop drinking.

The Twin Cities has an active community of people in recovery. In fact, guess who ranked number five on one recovery group's list of the 10 Best Sober Living Cities in America. (Further irony: Boston topped that list, too)

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