There was a cow on the loose on St. Paul

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St. Paul police spent part of lunch time trying to corral a cow that was on the loose.

According to Police Clips, the heifer was seen loose in the railroad yard at Energy Park Drive and Snelling Avenue.

FOX 9 had a live feed going – around 12:43 p.m., it looked as if the cow (which had initially been described as a bull) had stopped.

WCCO's Pat Kessler tweeted the animal was killed, as animal control said tranquilizers were ineffective. KARE 11 reports there had been visible injuries on the cow during the chase.

MPR reports the cow was part of the Minnesota British White & Park Association sale at the State Fairgrounds. The cow's owner said he will have it processed and the meat donated to charity, according to the Associated Press.

The case was reminiscent of the escaped llamas that became an Internet obsession back in February.

A lot of social media users followed the chase via live feeds.

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