There'll be a memorial service for Jacob Wetterling in St. Joseph Sep. 25

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A memorial service for Jacob Wetterling is planned in his hometown of St. Joseph on Sunday, September 25.

The event is called the Wetterling Family Memorial Service for Jacob Wetterling and it will be held at the College of St. Benedict, according to an email from Michael Hemmesch, the executive director of public relations for the College and St. John's University.


Hemmesch says other details will be announced later.

Jacob Wetterling was 11 when he was abducted from a roadside near his home. During a search that lasted nearly 27 years, his name – and the "Jacob's Hope" campaign led by his mother, Patty – came to symbolize missing children along with the efforts to find them and protect others.

The heart-wrenching truth about what happened to Jacob was revealed this week in a courtroom confession from a man who admitted kidnapping, molesting, and fatally shooting Jacob in 1989.

After Tuesday's hearing, Patty Wetterling vowed through tears that Jacob's legacy will carry on.

One of the ways that will happen is through the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, which is also publicizing the memorial service on the 25th.

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