There's a Bon Iver flannel shirt now, which should surprise nobody

They cost $75. This is not a joke.
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Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has had a remarkably on-brand return to the limelight.

After launching the Eaux Claires Festival's victory lap this summer came his cryptic promotional pop-ups to support his uber-challenging new album, launching a luxury hotel in his hometown of Eau Claire, and kicking the beyhive over Pepsi money.

Now, the Bon Iver aesthetic is woven into $75 flannel shirts with patterns inspired by the runes of lost religions. Because, of course.

The Bon Iver flannels are manufactured by Eau Claire-based screen printers Ambient Inks on "the highest quality canvas flannel fabric," and available in size small through XXL.

The robust stitching and eye-catching color should be perfect for the active artisté.

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