There's a diner where Girl Scout cookies are in the pies, malts, cocktails

Sure, they're good straight up. But here's a chance to blend Girl Scout cookies with other flavors.

It's the time of year when you'll see many of us eating them right out of the box. If we're feeling fancy we might put them on a plate.

But if you make your way to the Hi-Lo Diner in Minneapolis, you can take your Girl Scout cookies in the form of a malt or shake, a pie, or even an ice cream cocktail.

What's more, the Hi-Lo's signature item, the High Top, consists of fried dough with any of several various toppings – now including a Girl Scout cookie option.

To be specific about the cookie offerings, the High Top uses Samoas (which are now also known as Caramel deLites) and the pie includes Peanut Butter Patties (aka Tagalongs). Malts and shakes can be made with either of those cookies or with Thin Mints or the new S'mores (which we recently tried in the GoMN office).

See the Hi-Lo's whole list of Girl Scout cookie items, with descriptions, here.

The Hi-Lo is a diner that was moved to east Lake Street from Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, and restored to its 1957 glory.

But they also serve alcohol and there's even an ice cream cocktail made with Do-Si-Do Girl Scout cookies (those are the peanut butter sandwich cookies).

It got us curious about other possibilities for using cookies from Girl Scouts in beverages for adults.

Thrillist collected a few recipes from bartenders around the country. The Drinking America blog has a few others, and has a longer list.

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Girl Scouts bumping up the price of cookies by 50 cents a box

The cookies sure disappear easily. Next year a little more money will, too. Regardless of whether you're a Trefoils gal or a Do-Si-Dos guy, each box will set you back four bucks next year if you buy them from the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys. The council is raising cookie prices for the first time since 2004.