There's a fluffy new addition to Minnesota's EagleCam nest


You might have heard, there is a new arrival in the nest captured by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' EagleCam.

The birth of the tiny bald eagle chick was caught on camera at an undisclosed location in Minnesota this past Wednesday, and now viewers can see the bundle of fluff in all its glory.

The eaglet is the first of three eggs to hatch this season, and is believed to have been laid on either January 19 and 20, with eagle eggs generally incubating for 35 days.

If you checked in with the video Friday afternoon (as we did) you'll have seen an adult bald eagle carrying out parenting duties as they fed the chick some shredded meat.

It's been pretty chilly in Minnesota today, so it's not surprising that after the feeding, the eagle provided some cover from the elements for the chick and their two remaining eggs.

The other two eggs were laid in the week after the first one, so we can expect to see some more hatchings in the coming days.

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