There's a hot dog on a donut with bacon inside – oh, and also baseball

St. Paul Saints games will feature some Fair-ly good food combinations this summer.

If you rely on smell and taste, you might think you're at the State Fair. But if you're trying to make sense of a St. Paul Saints game this summer, you'll still have the sights and sounds of the ballpark to remind you you're at a baseball game.

On Tuesday St. Paul's independent pro baseball team unveiled the new foods that will be for sale at CHS Field this season. And some of the combinations made us think of another big summer get-together in the area.

The Donut Dog, for instance, uses a glazed donut as the bun for a hot dog and slips in some bacon and barbecue sauce, the Saints say.

Apart from the turkey leg with wild rice and the bratwurst/cheese curd/kabob combination mentioned above, the Pioneer Press noted these epicurian additions to the Saints menu:

  • A Tater Tot Hotdish Burger
  • The Jumpin' Jack Flash Burger
  • A Blackened Fish Taco
  • A vegetarian Taco Mix Lettuce Wrap
  • Deep-fried Apple Pie
  • Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Of course, while the new arrivals get lots of attention there will also be plenty of old standbys available at concession stands.

What's more, during and between your culinary courses baseball players will take the field to entertain you.

The baseball starts next week

The Saints play in the American Association, which is basically a minor league. They're not affiliated with any major league team, though, so they prefer to call what they do Independent Baseball.

They'll be at CHS Field for a couple exhibition games next Monday and Tuesday before their 2017 season opens on Thursday night, May 18 against the Gary SouthShore RailCats.

Late-breaking curveballs are not unusual at this level of baseball – and the American Association dealt one last week. Two weeks before opening day they announced one of their members, the Laredo Lemurs, will not be fielding a team this year.

But they found a last-minute replacement, the Salina Stockade, whom the Saints will visit during a road trip to Texas that starts late this month.

You have through Monday the 15th to submit your suggestion for the name of the Saints 2017 pig mascot.

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