There's less than a month left to enter NASA's 'Space Poop Challenge'

You have just 22 days to submit your $30,000 idea.

You're running out of time to enter NASA's "Space Poop Challenge."

Yes, you read that correctly. Space poop.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is seeking help to solve an important problem: pooping in space. And they're awarding $30,000 to the person (or team) who comes up with the most innovative solution.

The problem

NASA crew members wear spacesuits for long periods of time – up to 10 hours sometimes for a launch or landing, and even up to six days if something catastrophic happens while in space, according to the overview of the challenge.

In the past, astronauts have resorted to wearing diapers when they're going to be stuck in a suit for a long time. But NASA says that diapers are a "very temporary solution," and they're looking for a healthy and protective option that will last longer than one day.

Specifically, they want a solution that will last up to 144 hours.

Here's astronaut Rick Mastracchio with more information:

The contest started in October and NASA is accepting entries until Dec. 20, which means you have just 22 days to submit your $30,000 idea.

There's already 7,546 innovators and 34 teams signed up for the contest as of Monday morning. Here's a map of where they're from.

You can sign up for the challenge and read the guidelines here.

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