These 2 lawmakers have now served in the MN House longer than anybody else


If you want to know what things were like in the "old days" of the Minnesota House of Representatives, try asking Phyllis Kahn and Lyndon Carlson.

They've been there longer than anybody.

On Monday, the two DFL state representatives became the longest-serving members of the House in Minnesota history, both having been sworn in for their first term more than 42 years ago, according to a news release.

The two are currently in their 22nd terms and together have surpassed the previous "longest-serving" record, which belonged to former Rep. Willard Munger of Duluth – he occupied his seat for a lengthy 15,532 days, the Legislature's website indicates.

The Legislature also says Kahn, of Minneapolis, is tied with Rep. Senfronia Thompson of Texas for second-longest-serving female state legislator in the country. (Currently in first place is Rep. Brynhild Haughland of North Dakota, who served in her state Legislature for 52 years until stepping down in 1990.)

According to her legislative profile, Kahn holds degrees in physics and biophysics from Cornell University, Yale and Harvard.

She's credited as the chief author of the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act, which controls smoking in public places.

Her partner in precedent breaking, Carlson, of Crystal, was educated in Minnesota and is a retired Minnesota public school teacher.

A champion of education "at all levels," Carlson's profile says he believes everyone in the state should have "access to high quality, comprehensive educational opportunities."

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