Their lemonade stand is helping a family that's homeless after a fire


Step right up – it's ice cold, lemony sweet, and it's only 50 cents. Or whatever you'd care to donate.

If you find yourself near Wyoming, Minnesota – specifically Viking Blvd. & 268th St. – be sure to pull over


for some lemonade Thursday.

Because when life brings you tragedy, it's nice to know there are kids who will respond to a call for help.

It was actually the Wyoming Fire Department that sounded the alarm for a family with two kids (and two cats) who lost their home and everything in it in a Fourth of July fire.

Firefighters have been collecting donations from many generous people. It was the police department, though, who spotlighted five kids who were out raising money for the family through their lemonade stand Wednesday.

Wyoming Fire Chief J.J. Hastings tells BringMeTheNews people often want to donate material goods to fire victims. But Hastings says money is generally a more practical donation and a more immediate need.

Hastings says one goal for the family displaced on July 4 is to raise enough money for them to stay in a motel for up to a week. For now, they're staying in an empty apartment in a nearby building.

As for the lemonade stand, it will have an impact on the giving end as well as the receiving one. "Whether they raise two dollars or $200," Hastings says, "the value of it is these kids are going out and doing something of their own free will to help this family."

After The Fire kit

Wyoming firefighters are also collecting donations for a new "After the Fire Kit." Hastings says the kits contains essentials that a family who's lost their home will need in the first couple of days after a fire.

The department keeps a kit on hand and when it's needed they ask contributors to "pay it forward" so a new kit can be prepared for the next family.

Chief Hastings urges all families who rent to carry renter's insurance (the Fourth of July fire victims did).

"In the sceme of things what we're providing is not that much," he says. "But it means something to them to have so many people in their corner."

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