These photos of a snowy Sahara Desert are pretty awesome

It kind of looks like a swirled creamsicle.
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It snowed in the Sahara Desert for the first time in 37 years – and the photos are pretty awesome.

Karim Bouchetata, an amateur photographer living in Ain Sefra, a town in the north African country of Algeria, posted photos of snow-covered red dunes to Facebook Monday.

Bouchetata spoke with Gizmodo, telling the publication he woke up to see the snow and he was "stunned," adding it's "an exceptionally rare occurrence" for it to snow in the town that's known as the "Gateway to the Sahara."

You can look through all of Bouchetata's photos in the post below.

The last time it snowed in Ain Sefra, located about 220 miles south of the Mediterranean Sea, was in February 1979 when a brief blizzard rolled through the town, CNN reports.

The high temperature in Ain Sefra this week has been in the mid-50s, with low temperatures in the 30s, AccuWeather's website shows. But it gets a lot hotter in the the Sahara – the world's largest hot desert – with temperatures climbing to 130 degrees during the summer months, Famous Wonders says.

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