They've done it again! Guacamole with peas is NY Times' latest food faux pas


The New York Times cannot help but offend the food world.

The newspaper caused consternation across Minnesota in November after infamously suggesting that "grape salad" was the dish that best represents the state at Thanksgiving.

And on Wednesday the ire of the food world turned on the Times once again, when it published a controversial recipe for another of this nation's (and Mexico's, of course) beloved dips – guacamole.

Their suggestion? Putting English garden peas in with the guac, as part of a recipe for the dip that takes 45 minutes to put together.

The reaction on social media was swift, outrageous, and often hilarious. Even President Obama weighed in during a Twitter Q & A session. Here are some of the highlights.

Minnesota is no stranger to such scenes – here are some of the responses to the New York Times' last "great" idea in November.

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