Thieves steal cake from Edina store – but they can't eat it

Unlucky thieves, that cake ain't real.

Three thieves, jealous of the abundance of cake in Edina, stole some from a Cub Foods store on Tuesday – only to later realize it was cardboard.

Of all the places this theft could happen, it would be in the capital of "cake-eaters" (a term we use affectionately, by the way). Edina police told GoMN the young thieves targeting the Cub Foods on York Ave, near Southdale Center, at 4 a.m. Tuesday.

A store worker reported they had stolen a cake and ran out of the building – only to later emerge that what they'd stolen was a cardboard display cake.

The teens were caught when a vehicle matching the one they were driving was stopped nearby. Cub Foods decided against pressing charges, opting instead to ban them from the store.

The Edina Police Department said it wasn't sure what "flavor" the cake was, but we're betting it was pretty bland.

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