Thieves steal one of the working goats from a St. Paul park

You've goat to be kid-ding.

A mere two days after a herd of 30 goats was set to work clearing invasive species at Indian Mounds Regional Park in St. Paul, one of them was stolen.

We kid you not, the theft was discovered by St. Paul officers who were almost hit by a white GMC Yukon that had blown through a stop sign just after 1 a.m. Friday, St. Paul PD said on Facebook.

The chase came to an end when the Yukon driver lost control and crashed into a parked car in a driveway, with four people in the car jumping out and running away.

They left one passenger behind though: a goat named "Gordy," who was found lying unharmed in the cargo area of the pickup.

He was taken back to the park and reunited with his 29 friends, who only just this week were introduced to the public space by St. Paul Parks and Recreation.

As for the suspects, two 29-year-old men were caught by officers and arrested for gross misdemeanor theft. The other two remain at large, with police saying the investigation into the "kid"napping continues.

The goats will be in the park over the next several months, roaming fenced-in sections to reduce unwanted vegetation such as buckthorn and garlic mustard, with the City of St. Paul saying this is the most environmentally friendly way to enhance the natural habitat.

Last year, GoMN spoke with a Faribault company that rents out goats to cities to clean up their local parks. You can find it here.

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