Thieves target seizure victim on train


Transit police say three thieves robbed a 25-year-old woman who was having a seizure on a light rail train the day after Christmas, KSTP reports. In a bold display of cruelty, they took advantage of an opportunity and ran off with the woman's cell phone and bag, Metro Transit police chief John Harrington told KSTP.

"It's one of the more ruthless acts of unkindness," he said. Transit police investigators are seeking the thieves.

Surveillance cameras on the train captured the theft, but investigators don't plan to release it because they fear it will push the thieves further into hiding, KSTP reported.

A rider who spoke with KSTP said she was among those who called 911 and she said she witnessed the theft, although her description of the thieves was not the same as one provided to KSTP by Metro Transit, the station reported.

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