Things are back to normal at MSP Airport after yesterday's strong winds

There are only a few cancellations this morning.
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Things are getting back to normal at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Tuesday.

Monday's strong wind gusts – which reached 66 mph in some areas – forced the airport to close all but one runway, which led to some delays and cancellations.

According to, there were 468 delays and 79 canceled flights at MSP Monday, with delays ranging from 30 to up to 90 minutes.

Winds died down around 4 p.m. Monday, which allowed MSP to start using multiple runways, and "we are in good shape [Tuesday] morning," Patrick Hogan, a spokesperson for MSP Airport, told GoMN.

There were about a dozen cancelations Tuesday morning, mainly flights involving northern Minnesota and the Dakotas, "but those are related to conditions there, not to weather at MSP," Hogan said.

The Federal Aviation Administration's website shows delays are averaging 15 minutes or less and MSP, and there are no destination-specific delays reported. As of 8:45 a.m., 17 flights were delayed and nine were canceled, notes.

And for other airports in the Midwest, the FAA's website shows things are going pretty smoothly, despite some airports in North Dakota being closed Monday due all the snow that fell there.

Roads are improving, too

Roads in the Twin Cities are clear for the most part. But that's not the case in northern and western Minnesota. The MnDOT map below shows many roads are still partially covered (in blue) or completely covered (pink) with ice or snow.

Many roadways in North Dakota are also covered with snow and ice, according to the North Dakota Department of Transportation's website, and some highways are still closed due to poor visibility, the agency says.

The northern and western parts of the state got 16-plus inches of snow and it could take days for roads to get cleared, Forum News Service is reporting.

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