ThinkGeek ripped off the Science Museum hoodie and Minnesotans are pissed

Wow really, ThinkGeek??

When will the rest of the country learn? Hell hath no (passive aggressive) fury like a Minnesotan scorned.

Diss our state on Twitter? Get ready for a s*** storm of replies. Name a Minnesota county as the worst place on earth? We'll trick you into living there. Call our Science Museum small? You better take it back, Washington Post! (They did.)

So who dares to mess with us now? ThinkGeek, an American retailer that caters to computer enthusiasts and "geek culture."

Remember that certain purple hoodie seen on Stranger Things that was all the rage over the holidays? All it took was one Minnesotan to spot the vintage Science Museum of Minnesota apparel and post about it, and the internet worked its magic from there. We crashed the museum's website ordering the crap out of those rebooted hoodies. In just three days, the shirts brought in more than $600,000 – a healthy boost towards the museum's education and outreach programs.

For some reason, ThinkGeek thought it was a good idea to blatantly rip off that hoodie.

We knew from the beginning there'd be fakes, but it's still disappointing. And the copycat isn't exactly the same, but somehow that's more insulting.

The sweatshirt (which is no longer listed on ThinkGeek's site – view a cached version from Wednesday here) is the same deep purple hue with a dinosaur skeleton on the front. But they changed "Brontosaurus" to "Apatosaurus," name-dropped the Smithsonian, and included some BS in the description about how the Apatosaurus name came first.

Guess what else came first, ThinkGeek? The Science Museum of Minnesota's purple hoodie. You know, the one that when purchased helps out a nonprofit that reaches more than 200,000 students across all of the state's 87 counties every year?! 

Alright we get it, it's supposed to be funny or something. But the Minnesotans on Reddit do not approve

Neither did the people commenting on ThinkGeek's site, before the sweatshirt was taken down:

GoMN has reached out to ThinkGeek for comment. We'll update this story if we hear back.

Okay, we've calmed down now. This isn't the most glaring hoodie "mistake" made this year.

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