Third collision along Green Line during light rail testing


For the third time in three weeks, a vehicle has struck one of the new Green Line trains as it made a test run between St. Paul and Minneapolis.

KSTP reports the Friday morning collision happened when an eastbound car made a wrong-way turn and hit the side of the moving test train. The incident happened near the intersection of University Avenue and Highway 280. No one was injured.

MPR News reports that the crash briefly stopped train testing along the line. The driver was cited for an improper U-turn and having no proof of insurance.

In addition to the collisions, in February one of the trains rolled off the track at 12th and Cedar Streets, near the Minnesota State Capitol building. The derailment apparently occurred as the train tried to navigate a turn. Transit officials say the incident was due in part to snow piling up on the tracks.

The Green Line is scheduled to begin regular service on June 14. Leading up to the grand opening, police have stepped up enforcement along the Green Line. The trains are traveling through a route that has more traffic than along the Blue Line and authorities say motorists and pedestrians will have to exercise caution as service begins.

A stronger presence of officers in patrol cars, on bicycles and on foot have been working along the Green Line to prepare motorists and pedestrians for the light rail trains. A safety education and enforcement campaign began in connection with the full schedule testing.

Several drills have been staged to practice for a real emergency along the line.

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