This bear was looking in car windows on a Wisconsin highway

The bear has probably gotten used to people because they fed her.
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A young bear was caught after she was looking into car windows on a highway in northern Wisconsin.

Wisconsin State Trooper Steve Detienne snapped a few photos of the small black bear that was stopping traffic on Highway 17 just south of Rhinelander on Friday, according to a post on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Facebook page.

The bear was approaching cars and looking in their windows, which isn't normal behavior for a bear, Wild Instincts Rehabwrote on Facebook.

Wild Instincts was called to come get the 90-pound bear, which it believes will be turning 2 next month. That means this is the bear's first winter hibernation without her mom, the post says.

It's not clear why the bear was roaming down the highway; she may have gotten displaced from her den, the post says. Wild Instincts believes the bear has gotten used to people (probably because they were feeding her), and that's likely why she was so comfortable walking up to cars on the highway.

"In a situation with a bear that's this used to humans, you basically have two choices," Mark Naniot of Wild Instincts told WJFW. "You can't let it go, because it's just going to cause the same problem that it did this time. It could come up to a kid or something like that and create a problem."

The bear will spend the winter at Wild Instincts, the Facebook post says, while the rehab center looks for a permanent home for the bear. If they can't find one, they'll have to euthanize her because it could pose a danger to humans, WJFW says.

Wildlife officials have warned not to feed bears. It could not only put you in danger, but it could also make the bear to used to people – and if that happens, a lot of the time the bear will have to be euthanized, Bear Smarts says.

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