This book says us folks in Minne-sohh-da do talk strange ya know

The author says most of us believe we don't have an accent. We're wrong.
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Have you ever wondered why Minnesotans have such a unique accent?

Midwestern accents and phrases are the subject of a new book called How to Speak Midwestern by author Edward McClelland.

According to the publisher, BELT Magazine, McClelland's book "will not only explain what Midwesterners say, but how and why they say it."

There are chapters such as “How to Talk Through Your Nose,” “How to Hold a Conversation Without Using a Complete Sentence,” and “‘Well, That’s Different’: How to Passive-Aggressively Criticize People, Places and Things.”

There's no denying it – we have an accent

In an excerpt from the book, McClelland says that a lot of us believe we don't have an accent. But we're wrong.

"In fact, those of us from the Upper Midwest speak a strain of English so revolutionary it’s changing the way vowels have been pronounced for more than a millennium," he writes.

McClelland is from Michigan, but the publisher told GoMN there's a good amount of Minnesota content in the book. That includes a chapter on the "North Central" accent, which discusses (among other things) the veracity of the accents in Fargo.

And there's a glossary of Minnesota words and phrases such as "Boiled dinner," "Cake eater," the meaning of "Minnesota Nice", the etymology of "Juicy Lucy" and a lot more, the publisher said.

The book comes out Dec. 1, but is available for preorder here.

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