This dad is teaching other dads how to do their daughters' hair

23 dads learned how to do hair and nails at a free class.
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This single dad taught himself how to do his daughter's hair, and now he's showing other dads how to do the same.

Philippe Morgese, who lives in Florida, started the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory in September 2015 after getting compliments about how he did his daughter's hair.

And this week he hosted one of his free events, where 23 dads (including a grandfather) learned how to do hair and nails – giving them another way to bond with their daughters.

Morgese posted photos from the event on Reddit, where he and the other dads were praised for being "great dads," with others calling it "touching" and "phenomenal."

For more on the history of how Daddy Daughter Hair Factory got started, check out this Buzzfeed story from last year.

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