This driver was lucky there were some good Samaritans nearby

The driver left the ramp after the windscreen became fogged up.

A driver had a lucky escape on Tuesday when a group of good Samaritans rushed to her aid after she crashed into a frozen pond.

The woman, identified by WCCO as a 23-year-old from Minnetonka, lost control when her windscreen fogged up, causing her to veer off a ramp from Highway 169 to I-494 in Bloomington and plunge into the frigid water.

The Minnesota State Patrol posted pictures of her SUV on Tuesday, reporting that she was saved from serious injury by passersby who helped her out of the rear window, which she had smashed from inside with a fire extinguisher.

The rescuers risked their lives to save her, the State Patrol added. The only injuries she suffered were a few cuts from crawling through the rear window.

WCCO spoke to Ken McNamara, who pulled over when he saw the car crash and carefully edged out onto the ice with a truck driver to help the woman out of the rear window.

"I just did what anybody else would’ve done, you know, you see a car in the water and there’s somebody in there," McNamara said.

The onset of the cold season has already seen several instances of cars/people/pets falling through thin ice, prompting warnings from authorities.

Four people died after breaking through ice last year, DNR figures show. Of all the deaths from the 2010-11 winter, through the 2014-15 winter, half of them occurred when someone was on a snowmobile or ATV. About a quarter each happened with another vehicle, or with someone on foot.

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