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This genius made an instant camera that prints GIFs

Just take my money now.

Take my money, Reddit user shekit.

Shekit – or if you prefer his actual name, Abhishek Singh – designed and built an instant Polaroid-like GIF camera.

Not sure what that means? It's actually exactly what it sounds like. You snap a short "photo" (that's actually a 3-second video) and the camera "prints" it to a screen inside. 

Then it pops out of the camera when it's ready, just like a classic Polaroid. When you're done, reinsert the screen tablet and take another "photo."

Here's a GIF demonstration via Singh's Imgur tutorial:

Even more impressive? He lays out exactly how you can build one yourself. All the parts you need, the different design files, problems he ran into – it's a pretty clear step-by-step.

(Not that it looks easy by any means. Clearly you need some technological prowess to tackle it confidently.)

Here's some video to get a longer look:

Where can we preorder?

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