This guy is riding a pumpkin down Red River for the world record

Rick Swenson of Fergus Falls plans to ride his 1,086 pound pumpkin 26 miles for a Guinness World Record.

Minnesotans love to ride bikes, snowmobiles, and apparently, pumpkins.

Rick Swenson from Fergus Falls grows giant pumpkins, and he'll ride one of them 26 miles down the Red River Saturday morning in hopes of breaking a world record, according to Inforum.

Swenson planned to set sail early in the morning from Grand Forks, then paddle all the way to Oslo, the article said. He did not know how long the journey would take.

“I’m excited,” Swenson said. “If there’s good current, it might go quick, I don’t know. I don’t mind hitting logs.”

He planned to hollow out the pumpkin, which is about 14 feet around, at least 10 inches thick, and weighs 1,086 pounds, the West Central Tribune said.

The Grand Forks Herald posted a video of Swenson before take off Saturday morning.

Somehow there's already a record for this

Swenson told the Fergus Falls Daily Journal that he applied to Guinness Book of World Records in April and received an acceptance letter in August.

He said the current record was held by a Massachusetts man who traveled eight miles down the Taunton River, but it looks like a woman may have broken that record, paddling her pumpkin 15.1 miles earlier this month.

To meet Guinness' 36 pages of rules, Swenson will have three boats traveling with him on the river to help record data, the Daily Journal said.

Some of the other rules:

  • Swenson must use paddles, not oars.
  • Document the trip using GPS.
  • Fill out logbooks.
  • And shoot two minutes of video for every hour of paddling.

Once the trip is over, Swenson's pumpkin vessel will be displayed at the zoo in Wahpeton, the Pioneer Press said.

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