This has been Minnesota's worst flu season on record

More than 6,000 people have been hospitalized – and it's not over yet.
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Winter is over in Minnesota (lol) and officials are taking stock of what has been a record bad flu season.

The latest figures from the Minnesota Department of Health show that there have been 6,030 hospitalizations as a result of the flu between the start of the season and the end of March.

That makes it the highest amount of hospitalizations in a single flu season since the current records started being taken in 2008, thanks to a predominant strain that the flu vaccination wasn't particularly effective against.

There have been five pediatric deaths so far this season linked to flu.


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It's not over yet either. The health department documents show that hospitalizations are still happening as of last week even as we get deeper into spring.

That means MDH is still urging people with or without symptoms to keep taking precautions, MPR News reports.

"This year has been a pretty significant year for flu and the dominant strain has been that H3 strain and that tends to be more severe and that's borne out in the number of hospitalizations," Jennifer Heath, supervisor of the education and partnerships unit at MDH, told MPR.

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