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This is what $395-a-head street food looks like in Minneapolis

A Minneapolis street closed for a seven-course, outdoor banquet on Monday.

Rarely do you find yourself tucking into dinner while wearing winter coats and hats, never mind dinner that sets you back almost $400.

But that was the experience had by those attending the very exclusive "Winter Table" event this past Monday, Jan. 30, which is one of the flagship events in the new Great Northern festival of all things Minnesotan.

This dinner was unusual because it saw an entire block of North 1st Street in Minneapolis' North Loop closed to traffic, with a table stretching the length of the block set up in preparation for the many dozens of diners eating out in the cold.

It wasn't your typical meal, it was a seven-course banquet prepared by two of Minnesota's best chefs: The Bachelor Farmer's Paul Berglund and Spoon and Stable's Gavin Kaysen – plus a selection of chilled seafood from acclaimed St. Paul restaurant Meritage.

Open fire grills surrounded the tables, with the chefs preparing some of the food outdoors, though we're sure they and the diners were thankful that temperatures stuck around the high 20s.

It's not often we'd write a story about a one-night-only meal considering there's no chance for readers to actually try it out themselves (unless they do it again next year), but this event seemed so unusual we were intrigued as to what was served on the night.

Here's a look at the menu:

From the grill (The Bachelor Farmer)

Chicken, old-water glaze

King oyster mushrooms, lemon

Passed snacks (The Bachelor Farmer)

Sweetheart cabbage, Camembert, toasted hazelnuts

Gingerbread cookie, chicken liver pâté

Selection of chilled seafood (Meritage)

Au Bon Canard Duck Broth (The Bachelor Farmer)

Foie gras, pickled ramps, greenhouse herbs and greens

Braised Beef Pot Pie (Spoon and Stable)

Burgundy black truffle, sunchoke, Cabernet jus, puff pastry

Baked Alaska (Spoon and Stable)

Raspberry ice cream, vanilla sponge cake, Italian meringue

Housemade S’mores (The Bachelor Farmer)

Vanilla bean marshmallow, chocolate ganache, graham cracker

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