This knitting group created tiny sweaters for chickens

If you're cold outside, imagine how chickens feel.

A group of ladies are knitting tiny sweaters to keep chickens warm.

Yes, you read that correctly. The women are part of a knitting club at Fuller Village, a retirement community near Boston, Massachusetts. The Associated Press says they were inspired to make the sweaters after hearing about chickens shivering during the cold winter at a nearby public garden.

Certain breeds of chickens molt and grow new feathers during the winter months, while others are imported from tropical climates not suited for the cold, the organization noted.

The ladies typically knit items like blankets, hats, dolls, and scarves for needy children, the Boston Globe says, but they found a pattern for "chicken jerseys" online – and got to work.

And the results are kind of adorable.

Here's the video:

As you can see, the project even helped one woman overcome her fear of birds. And all of the ladies were happy to help a community in need, while doing something they enjoy.

"To be honest with you, there's so much going on these days that's kind of contentious in the world. It was actually very calming to me to work on this," Barbara Widmayer says in the video.

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