This may sting: Sea Life temporarily shuts new exhibit because rays are 'stressed'

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The new stars of Mall of America's Sea Life Aquarium seem to have a bit of "stage fright."

Sea Life unexpectedly closed its nearly month-old "Meet the Rays" exhibit last week, KSTP says, and it isn't expected to reopen for at least another week or two, City Pages reports.

"The stingrays are still acclimating to their new home, so unfortunately at this time visitors are unable to meet the rays to ensure the health of the animals," according to Sea Life Minnesota's website.

John Sullwold, marketing director for Sea Life, told City Pages some of the aquarium's newer stingrays have had trouble adjusting to the new 12,000-gallon pool where visitors can touch the rays.

The "stressed-out" stingrays will move off-exhibit into special tanks behind the scenes until they get used to their new home, while rays they've had longer will be on-exhibit, the publication notes.

The $2.2 million exhibit opened in mid-March. It is the largest addition to Mall of America's aquarium since it opened in 1996, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reports.

The other exhibits at Sea Life are still open.

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