This Minnesota college student had an amazing Halloween costume

She went as something that's really scary for some people.

A University of Minnesota student went as the "scariest thing she could think of" for Halloween: commitment. 

Haleigh Conner posted a photo of her costume – a white T-shirt with "commitment" written on it – to Instagram over the weekend with the hashtag #shoutouttomyexes, tagging all of her exes in the post.

She also tweeted out the photo

And she's since gotten a ton of attention for the hilarious take on a scary Halloween costume. 

The Instagram post has gotten more than 11,000 likes and tons of comments, while her tweet has garnered more than 20,000 likes 3,000 retweets. And her costume has been picked up by national media outlets like BuzzFeed, Refinery 29, and Elite Daily, among others. 

Despite some calling her costume "savage," others criticized her for the 15 exes she tagged. But Conner told BuzzFeed she's only been in one serious relationship and the post was a joke, adding that some of the exes she tagged were from middle school – when relationships aren't serious and really only happen during school hours.

Conner added that some of her "exes" have reached out to her saying it was funny. One of her exes even changed his Instagram bio to let people know he's one of the exes, while others are thanking her for all of their new Instagram followers. 

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