This MN coffee company is donating half its profits to help the troops

Your next cup of joe could help military families in America.

There's a new brew hitting shelves that gives more than a caffeine fix. A coffee company in Long Lake is on a mission to help military families in America.

Every time you buy their coffee (or beer), Founding Fathers Products donates 50 percent of its profits to organizations that help our military. All of the products are made in the U.S., too.

"With the stress on our military and everything that's going on today, our product allows people to sit at their desk, enjoy a cup of great coffee, and let us handle the donation part," CEO Phil Knutsen told GoMN.

How they got started

Knutsen's idea for Founding Fathers was originally inspired by the Paul Newman brand Newman's Own, because he had always wanted to start a company that made a difference.

But while Newman's donates to a broad spectrum of organizations, Knutsen wanted to focus on helping American military families.

"I don't know what your views are, whether you agree or disagree with where the military is sent or things like that. But supporting military families in our country is something that we all can do and something we all should do," he said.

The company's first product was beer, which launched in 2011 and is available in eight states, including Minnesota.

Its new coffee is rolling out on shelves now, and comes in five flavors of single-serve brew cups, plus 12-ounce bags of ground coffee.

Founding Fathers hopes to become the "coffee of choice for patriotic, mainstream coffee drinkers" – everyone from young adults to retired military veterans.

The people there are focused on the coffee and beer right now, but plan to expand the product line as the company grows.

Where does the money go?

Half the company's profits are donated to groups that support American military families, such local organizations, the Armed Forces Relief Society and the American Legion.

So how exactly does a business survive when they're giving away half of their money? Knutsen says it's actually not that hard to make it work, if you really want to do it.

"We fly on cheap flights, we sleep in cheap hotels, we have a small office in Long Lake, we keep our overheard low, and we donate because we can," he said.

Here's where to get it

All of the coffee is now available on Amazon, at all Military Exchanges, and in select retail stores throughout the U.S. – Knutsen said you'll be able to buy it at a bunch of stores around the state, including Walmart.

And you can find Founding Fathers beer here.

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