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This MN nonprofit will recycle your old and broken holiday lights

Recycle your lights and help provide jobs for people with disabilities.

Do you have some old or broken holiday lights laying around? Don't throw them in the trash – a local company will recycle them for you.

Pro Act Inc., a nonprofit headquartered in Eagan, has partnered with the Recycling Association of Minnesota for a "one-of-a-kind statewide holiday light recycling program" called "Recycle Your Holidays."

Though Christmas lights and electrical cords typically can't be thrown into your standard recycling bin at home, the materials can be broken down and sorted to be reused for new products.

Recycle Your Holidays will handle that part – all you have to do is drop off your unwanted lights and cords at one of the many collection locations by Jan. 31.

The program is also taking electrical, phone and appliance cords – here's more information on what they do/don't accept, plus maps of the collection locations.

And it's for a good cause

Pro Act Inc. is a company that serves people with disabilities by providing training and work opportunities.

People with disabilities are involved in the collection, disassembly and sorting of products, according to the company's website, so they'll be the workers breaking down and sorting your holiday lights.

This video explains the company's mission:

Having a job can enhance a person with disabilities' quality of life and make them feel included in the community, Pro Act says.

Don't forget about the tree

While you're at it, you might as well make the effort to recycle your Christmas tree.

Around 34 million trees are sold during the Christmas season, and 93 percent of them end up being recycled, according to Minnesota Grown. Here's how to get rid of your tree.

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Recycle your holiday cheer

The Recycling Association of Minnesota announced a statewide holiday light recycling program starting Nov. 15. Minnesotans can drop off old or broken holiday lights at Ace Hardware and other participating locations throughout the holiday season.