This new beer will help the bees

And it's brewing legend Todd Haug's final Minnesota beer.

Local brewing legend Todd Haug's last Minnesota-brewed beer will be released next weekend – and profits from it will help bees.

The former head brewer at Surly said last fall he'd be leaving Minnesota to work at 3 Floyds Brewing in Munster, Indiana. But before he makes his exit, he wanted to brew one final beer here.

It's called HEXIT (the word you get when you combine Haug and exit). The beer is an oats- and honey-flavored IPA that has a dry hop aroma "of mic-drop proportions," Badger Hill says.

Haug had been working on the idea for the dry-hopped braggot (a mead-beer hybrid) and had even connected with Rufer's Apiaries Inc. in Waverly to provide the 600 pounds of honey needed to brew the beer, The Growler explained.

But when Haug resigned from Surly, he put the beer on hold – until he got the chance to brew it with Badger Hill, The Growler noted.

And profits from the beer will go directly to the Minnesota Honey Producers Association and the University of Minnesota Bee Lab, Badger Hill says. (Read more about how beer can help bees below.)

Where you can buy HEXIT

HEXIT will be available at the release party in Badger Hill's taproom starting at noon on Jan. 28.

At the release party, you'll be able to buy the beer on tap in the taproom and in 750ml wax-dipped (yes, the wax includes beeswax) bottles. Then after the party, bottles will be distributed to some liquor stores (information on which ones hasn't been released yet).

You can find more details about the release party here.

Bees and beer

Honey has been used to make beer forever (literally, since the first known reference to beer back in 7000 BC), so naturally breweries around the country have boosted their efforts to help save bees.

But new research shows one of the main ingredients in beer might actually do that.

Bees have been dying off a lot faster, in part because of something called colony collapse disorder. One of the leading causes of CCD are varroa mites, but a lot of the common methods used to ward off the parasites aren't that great for the bees themselves, the Yale Environmental Review said.

Now scientists have discovered that hop beta acids (which are extracted from the cones of hop plants that are used in making beer) repel the mites, and won't harm the bees or humans, the Bad Beekeeping Blog explained.

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