This new book could help you not break the law while opening a brewery in MN

Opening a brewery isn't just about making good beer. Though that's important too.
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With so many breweries opening in Minnesota lately, it must be pretty easy to do once you've perfected the beer making part ... right?

Well, no. There are a lot of legal things you've got to go through to be allowed to start production (legally). And a book that hopes to explain everything you need to know is expected to be released this summer, The Craft Beer Attorney says.

It's called Brew Law 101: A Legal Guide to Opening a Brewery, and it's written by members of the Craft Beer Attorney Coalition – including Minneapolis attorney Jeffrey O'Brien. The book will include their experiences working with craft breweries, as well as stories of several of "Minnesota's best craft breweries," the release says.

O'Brien told GoMN he hasn't quite nailed down which breweries will be in the book, but said he'll ask some of the breweries he represents and couldn't imagine any of them saying no. Among them: Lift Bridge, Insight, Dangerous Man, Modist, Urban Growler, Lakes & Legends, Jack Pine, Gull Dam, Lupine, Joseph Wolf, Omni and Bent Brewstillery. 

The Minnesota version of the book is only the second edition to be published in the Brew Law 101 series. The first book is all about California, and was released in 2015.

We've got plenty of breweries

It makes sense for Minnesota to be the next edition. The state's craft beer industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. In 2015, it ranked 12th in production and 16th for number of breweries, according to the Brewers Association. In 2011, there were just 20 breweries in Minnesota. Now there are more than 100.

The goal for the Brew Law 101 series is to have an edition for each state, Tanya Corriveau of The Craft Beer Attorney told GoMN. They also hope to continue to advance the series for existing breweries by writing a Brew Law 201 series.

If you can't wait for this summer to get started, O'Brien has a few tips in the video below.

What is the first thing you recommend to clients before starting his or her own brewery/distillery? from ReelLawyers on Vimeo.

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