This new Tesla solar roofing looks like regular shingles

The days of enormous reflective panels on rooftops could soon be over.

Tesla Motors has just unveiled new concepts for a Solar Roof that looks like... any other roof. Going off the grid just got a lot more stylish.

Made of textured glass utilizing photovoltaic -- sunlight frees electrons in these materials -- cells, the collaboration with SolarCity was announced by billionaire scion Elon Musk's company in a Friday event.

One of the first things that comes to mind with glass roofing would be hail damage. Actually that's not a problem, according to Musk. The panels can withstand and potentially melt snow.

A 50-year life span for one of these roofs is what is projected, and these panels are reportedly 98 percent as efficient as traditional roof solar panels.

Here are a few different looks rolled out as part of the announcement:

The announcement did not include any pricing information for these new roofs. Production is expected to begin in 2017 with initial availability in California.

Watch the full announcement here:

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