This new Twin Cities business lets people smash and destroy stuff

Because who doesn't want to smash random stuff?

Ever have such a bad day you just want to smash stuff?

Well soon there's going to be a business in St. Paul that lets you safely take a hammer to just about anything – computers, telephones, glasses, etc.

It's called The Break Room and the business says it's a place for "recreational destruction."

Customers will be able to go into an enclosed room wearing safety gear and smash the heck out of whatever they feel like smashing.

Just check out this video:

The business' founder Theresa Purcell says it's more fun than you'd probably expect.

“It’s an endorphin release, it’s physical, it’s such an experience,” she told the Star Tribune.

KARE 11 says all the smashing and bashing isn't creating extra garbage either. Everything that's being destroyed was already thrown out, and a bunch of those items will be recycled afterwards.

Now, The Break Room doesn't fully open until Jan. 20 – yep, that's also inauguration day – but you can get a sneak preview on New Year's Eve.

If you're headed to the soft opening of Can Can Wonderland – an artist-designed mini golf course for adults – on Saturday, there will be two small break rooms for you to try. You'll need tickets to the party, though. They're $100 here.

Otherwise you can just wait a few weeks for the full Break Room to open. It'll be in the same place it's being previewed – right on Prior Avenue North.

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