This video of a downed power line fire is terrifying, but spectacular

Don't go near these, in case that wasn't clear from the picture.

A scary, but sort of spectacular scene in Orono Sunday night after a power line snapped and started on fire.

The Orono Police Department posted photos and a short video of the blaze to Facebook.

"Police do a lot of things but touching live wires and running into fire is generally not for us ????," they wrote.

Here's the video:

This was actually the second down line of the day in the area, this one in Mound. It knocked out power for some people for a short period of time. Here's a photo from the Mound Fire Department:

Power outages

There have been a handful of reports of power outages in the state Monday, after 24 hours with heavy rain, some snow, and crazy winds.

As of this afternoon, Xcel had a few dozen people in the Twin Cities reporting an outage, plus more than 400 people affected in far southwest Minnesota. The company attributed at least some of it to high winds.

Up around Moose Lake, MN Power said more than 850 customers were without power Monday morning, though expected to have things fixed by mid-afternoon.

Smaller pockets of outages affecting just a few people were dotted around the state as well.

What the heck should I do if I see this?

This might sound obvious, especially after seeing that video above, but: don't touch it. Stay away – at least 10 feet away, CenterPoint Energy says. And call 911 asap to report it.

Meanwhile, don't fiddle with anything else either. No removing debris stuck in the line, or pushing a tree branch out of the way, or using a broom to move the power line elsewhere, or anything like that. The electricity can be conducted by plenty of materials (including a wet surface), and could easily jump to you.

Similarly, if someone else has made contact with a downed power line, do not try to rescue them. The electricity could jump to you too. Let first responders handle it.

If you're in a car and a downed power line is touching it, don't get out. Call 911. If it starts on fire and you have to escape, PG&E says to take off any loose clothing, and jump away from the car with your arms tucked at your sides. Do not be touching the car when your feet hit the ground. From there, shuffle to safety without lifting up either of your feet.

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