This video of sea smoke is super cool

It's a beautiful, mysterious mist effect on the lake.
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This video of sea smoke in Duluth is super cool.

We showed you photos of the crazy sea smoke on Lake Superior two weeks ago, but this video is also worth a watch.

Photographer Levi Drevlow posted the footage (watch it below) to YouTube and Instagram last week, showing what happens when really cold air moves over warmer water. It creates a beautiful, mysterious mist effect.

Drevlow's video was featured on The Washington Post and ABC, among other national and international media outlets. He responded to all the attention with a post on Facebook, saying: "Thanks to all who commented, liked, and shared my video!!! Did not expect millions of views!"

More on sea smoke describes the process that creates sea smoke: When cold air passes over warmer water, it heats rapidly, which induces “convection currents” that rise in the air, carrying moisture upwards from the water.

This moisture quickly condenses in the cold surrounding air, creating columns of rising water vapor. It is typically seen around Arctic landmasses, such as parts of Norway, Greenland and Canada.

The same thing can happen with rivers, when the air is 50 degrees or more colder than the water, the website notes.

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